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Folder busses dont link the mute and solo buttons?

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asked Jun 4, 2020 in Mixing by kyfisher (1,540 points)
i come from ableton and this one thing that is driving me insain,
if anyone can explain how to fix it or even why its like this it would be much appreciated

when i have a folder that is linked to a bus, why dose the mute and solo buttons act differently mattering if im in arrange view to mix view?

easiest way to test this is, make a folder a track and a bus, place the track in the folder and link the bus to the folder, click the mute button while in arrange view on the folder/bus then change to mix view and click solo on the folder/bus.. this for me makes a mess that dosnt match in each view. is my install buggy? is there a reason for this?

thank you all!

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