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Feture request DCA control of SUB Channels and other DCA's

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asked Jun 27, 2019 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by russeldockins (210 points)
So I can control forcing and reducing compression on sub groups. Would like tobe able to make a  DCA of DCA's right now have to have a DCA for all channels. I tried to set a DCA for sub mixes and I could not (tried while in user function) if I can push channels into sub masters and trigger more compression while turning down the the sub masters to keep the level the same (decrease dynamics) and to be able to do the reverse the process to make it more dynamic.  There is a Dave Rat video that talks about this in live mixing.


Russ Dockins

Kitsune Kami LLC

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answered Jul 19, 2019 by jonnydoyle (223,040 points)
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