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1/ Add other internal effect to the Studiolive III - 2/ Management of effect levels in Mix (Aux / Sub / Matrix)

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asked Jun 29, 2020 in StudioLive Series III by florianhubert (160 points)

Is it possible to add any other internal effect to the Studiolive 32 III by means of an update?

The only effects available in it are:
- Digital XL Reverb
- PAE-16 Digital Reverb
- Vintage Plat Reverb
- Mono Delay
- Steroe Delay
- Pingpong Delay
- Chorus
- Flanger

Can do we add other effects internally in the console ? example: lexicon MPX-i

Can we have the possibility of managing the effect levels independently of the Mix (aux/sub/matrix) and Main Mix?

To date, I have not deleted solutions to manage the level of effect (ex: reverb), regardless of my Main Mix and my Aux Mixes.

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