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How can an electronic drumset be connected for use without crossing notes?

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asked Jul 9, 2019 in Studio One 4 by (240 points)
-Dell Inspiron w/ i7 processor, 16 GB RAM, 1.5-2 TB storage

-Windows 10, 64-bit

-Studio One 4 Professional (before recent update)

-Tascam Celesonic 20x20

So, I tried to connect my Alesis Crimson II kit into my Tascam interface today, but was unsuccessful.  It does seem to pickup all of the drums and cymbals, HOWEVER, the wrong drums are playing.  My hi-hat (closed, splash, open and foot) is registering on a very low bass drum in Presence that I can't find when under the Edit (F2) window where all of the drum note are displayed.  My snare drum does the same thing but on a different note, as do all of my other toms.  My cymbals are okay, at least for the moment.  Now, I don't believe that I have installed any drivers to my computer.  With that said, I have connected my MicroKorg via MIDI OUT to my Tascam's MIDI IN with no issues besides a slight (less than 1/64th) delay.  I don't see anything in the user manual for Studio One or for my E-Kit on how to change the note mappings, which I think is what I need to do.  I tried changing the note values on my kit, but that really didn't solve anything.  I wasn't able to find the right sounds for my hi hat or my snare, though it did seem to change the sound on occassion.  It would revert shortly after to the low bass drum sound, though.  My snare would only register after about every 100 or so notes played.  It was playing a clave or something and the sound didn't change as I adjusted my numbers.  Also, my kick drum is the only thing working "correctly" and every time I hit it, it sounds like multiple hits instead of one solid one.  That could be how sensitive the kick is or my playing style, as I am not yet used to playing on an electric set.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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