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Audio FX Rack like in Ableton Live

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asked Jul 12, 2019 in Mixing by dennisherzer (270 points)

I thing it would be open much more possebilities to S1 if there would be something like an Audio Fx Rack like Ableton Live. It would be enhance the way even more for example multiband stuff etc.

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answered Jul 21 by benreaves (10,000 points)

I don't agree with this specifically because the main reason I don't like Ableton for working with audio is the FX Rack. There's no way to implement it that doesn't eat up a ton of screen real estate, and make it hard or impossible to see what's happening throughout the mix, since you have to click on one channel at a time. Also, if you used VSTs, you can't see any of their parameters in the Rack, and have to click a wrench icon on the giant X/Y pad that wastes screen space to see the editor anyway, so it's just a wasteful way to work with plugins.

Now, what would be kind of cool is seeing the mini-view you can already use on plugins in the Console being available in the "Routing" view where you can use the Splitter. And maybe that particular view running horizontally instead, which would make it a bit more like the Audio FX Rack in Ableton. The whole point of which to make it something that you don't have to use to edit plugins. And the mini-view could show mini editors for those plugins instead of just a shortcut to the main plugin editor.