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Audio Effect Rack inside a FX Chain

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asked Feb 5 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by maximethizeau2 (180 points)

Hi ! 

There is one thing I miss from Ableton and this is what they call "Audio Effect Rack"

In studio one can do one effect rack (called "FX Chain" in Studio One) but if we load 2 FX chains in one track, all macros are mixed and we will have A LOT of plugins inside one rack. 

In Ableton, you can regroup few plugins in a Audio Rack and have few Audio Effect Rack inside your FX Chain. It is very useful, and it is a lot better for workflow in my opinion. I would love to have this in Studio One !

I tried to schematize what I'd like with a picture 

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answered May 28 by benmccluskey1 (930 points)
Yes, Studio One needs this.

It's funny because I have been thinking exactly the same as this over the past few weeks!

Multiple plugins can be contained together using just one effect slot in the mixer (similar to Abletons Audio Effect Rack). They will have their own dedicated Effects Rack macro controls. Plugins inside Effect Racks are set up just like you do in the channel editor so you can do parallel processing and frequency splits etc...

Each channel in the mixer still has its own main macro controls just like the way it is now so users can assign macros from effects racks and other channel plugins.

They could make the Effects Racks in the mixer have a different border colour so it looks like a container and is easily identifiable from normal single plugins.