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How do I route multiple Notion tracks to the same MIDI number?

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asked Jul 16, 2019 in Notion by johnturnley (160 points)
I'm new to all this. I'm composing in Notion. I want to use Kontakt for the final output. Kontakt has several ways to sound a note. For example, I can send a C1 to make the following notes staccato, then D1 to switch to a sustained sound.

So, in the simplest case I want to send two Notion tracks to the same MIDI channel. The first has the melody notes, the second contains those control "notes" that Kontakt uses to switch articulations. I need to keep them separate so that Notion does not play the control notes. I can just mute that track. Notion will play the melody; Kontakt will play the melody in an instrument and use the control "notes."

Right now, I don't care about any effects. I just want to send the Notion notes to Kontakt.

How do I send those two tracks to the same MIDI channel?

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answered Jul 17, 2019 by johnturnley (160 points)
Never mind. I found a work-around that does the job for now. At some point I'll take the time to actually read the manuals to find the right way to handle it.