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Changing Instrument via Ruleset

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asked Jun 10, 2018 in Notion by leandernope (310 points)
I'm kind of new to Notion so maybe someone can help me with this:

I got Notion, rewired to Studio One 3. In Studio one 3, I've got different tracks for the articulations of a single Instrument.
I am trying to create a Ruleset, along the lines of:

If the articulation is Staccato, change the instrument/send the note data to "Rewire 1:2"

If the articulation is none, change the instrument/ send the note data to "Rewire 1:1"

Another Idea:

I saw that Keyswitches can be triggered via Rulesets, but that would require me to have a Track in Studio one that would change the Midi Out depending on the Articulation. There actually is a Plugin called "BRSO Articulate" that does change the Midi Out, depending on the keyswitches. It doesn't seem to work in Studio One though, just doesn't show up in the Plugin Browser.

Btw, I use EW Hollywood Sounds

Any ideas?

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