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Please add the ability to backup and restore the mixer state in USB Studio series interfaces to Universal Control

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asked Jul 22, 2019 in Recording Interface Series Feature Requests by deepsubmicron (300 points)

I recently had it confirmed to me by your support team in request #522074 that it is currently not possible to backup and restore the hardware mixer state of a Studio 1824c using Universal Control. The support rep responding to the case suggested that I may like to add a feature request for that in this forum.

I can see from other similar requests on this forum that Studio Live products have some ability to store mixer states in UC with scenes. While I would not expect to see a duplication of that product's functionality for the USB audio interfaces, having some ability to backup your mixer configuration to a file is not an unreasonable thing to want even on a consumer device. 

Having already lost my mixer setup once, where a windows version update apparently caused everything to reset to the factory default state, I was disappointed to find there was currently no way of avoiding having to set everything back up by hand if this happened again in the future.

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