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What interfaces are compatible with Universal Control?

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asked Jul 6, 2019 in AudioBox USB by adamhumphreys2 (150 points)
Hi there, I’m currently using an alternative audio interface to mix my bands In ear units and for backing track playback from pro tools. I’m after an audio interface that still supports mixing in Universal control (low latency) from my research most units don’t allow mixing inside Universal control no more.

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answered Jul 7, 2019 by chrissederqvist1 (2,400 points)
selected Aug 2, 2019 by Jamesrhone1
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The interfaces that supports this (if I understand your needs correctly) are all those that support the UC Surface control software protocol.

So, the Quantum Series and the Studio Series interfaces should provide this functionality AFAIK.

If I misunderstood your needs, please clarify.