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Can we have Always-On-Top option for Mixing display?

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asked Jul 27, 2019 in Look and Feel by piggysm (1,260 points)

I'm a huge fan of PreSonus, and I use StudioOne almost everyday.

I'm using dual display, one for arrangement, one for mixing, and I believe this is a typical working enviroment in some studio. 

But here is a problem, When I do mixing on some huge projects which has a lot of channels, I usually drag the slider below the mixer window often to check different channel setting.

like this:


but it is very annoying that I often drag the sidebar of WINDOWS out when I moving the mouse.

like this:

So I am curious can we have some feature that can make the Mixer displays on always-on-top mode? of in Fullscreen mode? like covering the WINDOWS sidebar so the workflow would be interrupt?

And is that possible to add an option to let the Mixer always showing on Display 2? Every time I created new opject I have to order the Mixer to jump out, then drag it to another display monitor, then Maximize the window.

I'm also a Davinci Resolve user, and I kind of like the way Davinci works, which always working in fullscreen mode without windows jump around.

Thanks for watched my request, and sorry for my bad English, I'm promoting PreSonus to peoples in China every day, they all love it! and we just wanna this DAW to be Better and the BEST!

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answered Jul 27, 2019 by vasilykorytov (11,580 points)
just a small suggestion: why don't you get a mouse/trackpad with horizontal scrolling on board?

I don't remember when I had to touch those scrollbars, as I can horizontally scroll just on my touchpad.
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answered Jul 27, 2019 by piggysm (1,260 points)

@vasilykorytov Thank you friend for good suggestion, I don't know how to queto here so I write in new comment.

trackpad is a kind of solution, but I really don't have any more space on my desk, I already have Faderport8 and ATOM and 2 synths on the desk, left very poor room for my keyboard and mouse only...

But trackpad is worth to consider though, I think it can manipulate some plugins which has X/Y modulation. If my request has been ignored, I will make a trackpad to my shoplist.

Thank you again for good inpiration!