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Is there a way, or can we make a way, to put the internal busses first on the list when choosing output/send routing

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asked Jul 30, 2019 in Mixing by marcushyatt1 (230 points)
When choosing an Output/Send or even Input source Routing option for any type of channel, the hardware I/O appear first in the dropdown list, and I have to scroll past all of them to get to the internal busses that I've created or tracks I want to source from. This is particularly inconvenient for someone with a system like myself where I have 36 I/O, and I have Mono & Stereo routing setup for each out so I have to scroll through a ton of physical outputs just to see my internal busses. Feel like I spend too much time scrolling.

Maybe a way to have a selectable option that puts internal routing first over hardware routing, or even an I/O buss configurator similar to Pro Tools where you can manually choose the order of how your busses appear in the list. Thanks!

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