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Need a way to see and browse track/bus/fx audio paths

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asked Dec 16, 2021 in Mixing by henrinasta (620 points)

I got lost in my first mix in Studio One (which I thinkis a very smart DAW for a lot of things !).

With more than 200+ tracks and 30 buses and FX, and without beeing able to fully organize and manage the layout of the mixer like in Cubase, it is easy to get lost in the path of any audio (track->first bus-> multiples send>second bus-> multiple sends up to the stereo out).

in Cubase you are able to browse an audio path, for example via the Channel editor for any track, bus or fx, where you can view all the connected incoming track, bus or fx to it, all the connected incoming track, bus or fx from it.

You can easily retrace, browse and navigate through the path of any audio, from a track to the master bus through all intermediates, and make adjustement on the fly. Or for exmaple, you can too check the audio paths to be sure nothing is wrong, or find every track/busses/fx going to a specific track/busses/fx.

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