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FR: Recall/Load a Custom Group of Tracks/Bus/Channels

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asked Jul 10, 2021 in Mixing by angelangeles (1,560 points)
Have you ever got a specific group of tracks and busses that you always want to use but don't want to use a template because you need to be flexible? It would be awesome if we could just select a group of tracks and save them as a small track template that you can recall in any session at any point in time.

For example, I suddenly want to record acoustic drums on top of my a beat I just made, it would be awesome if I can just recall a bunch of tracks, routed properly if the current setup permits, with all the plugins and sends, naming and colors intact,


you're working on an empty template with a bunch of tracks and suddenly want to load your usual FX sends and busses with all the plugins already setup.

Think of how you load a plugin chain for a channel. That's what I'm trying to say but for a whole chunk of tracks and busses. That will be a real time saver. I hope the Presonus team is listening.

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answered Jul 11, 2021 by Daw Stew (12,150 points)
I believe you can use the Import Song Data to import tracks with plugins and routing already configured