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Presonus Eris E5 tweeter keeps cutting in and out.

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asked Jul 30, 2019 in Sceptre, Eris, R-Series by andredemelomotta (180 points)
Hey there. First post here.

I noticed that there are already some questions regarding this subject. However, none of them seem to contain a solution. Therefore, here I am.

One of the tweeters of my Eris E5 pair keeps cutting in and out. I opened the cabinet to see if the problem was related to the tweeter itself or the motherboard. The tweeter is totally fine. The problem seems to be happening on the motherboard and that is beyond my knowledge. These monitors were already sent to an Authorized Presonus Repair Center, but the issue still remains. I was wondering if anybody has the solution for this random "cutting in and out" thing so I'll know where to look. Thank you!

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answered Dec 3, 2019 by baxterbrown (210 points)
I have the Eris E8 XT speakers with the same issue. It's maddening and seems to be fairly prevalent with no solution. Would love to hear about someone getting this fixed and what they did.
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answered Jan 11 by stephenmccann2 (250 points)
I would also appreciate some information on how this issue can be fixed. Had my E5's for a number of years and the problem has persisted from very early on. The only information I come across is asking people to message privately. We would appreciate an informed response and solution from the manufacturer publicly in some way, as there are many threads on the issue. Thank you.
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answered Jan 11 by andredemelomotta (180 points)
edited Jan 15 by andredemelomotta
Hey, guys. Just an update! I'm working side by side with a colleague. He is a technician in the area and we will be performing tests to find the solution. I'll post it here if we find the answer to our problems! Thank you!
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answered Mar 6 by michaelkagan (180 points)
so has anyone ever gotten this fixed?  It just started happening to one of my virtually brand new Eris E8XT's.  Design flaw?

Should I open a ticket?
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answered Apr 1 by stephenmccann2 (250 points)
For anyone who hasn't lost the will for an answer, I have set up a ticket and am waiting for a response. I will keep the thread updated.
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answered Apr 6 by stephenmccann2 (250 points)
I have solved my problem.

Having confirmed I was outside my warranty period and seen the price I would have been charged (110 euro bench cost per speaker, excluding shipping) I decided to open the speaker up myself.

One of the cables attached to the back of the tweeter itself had been caught and bent into the back of the tweeter, I presume from when it was originally manufactured. I bent the connection away from the tweeter so it wasn't touching it anymore and carefully put everything back together and now it works a treat!

If you have this issue and are still under warranty then send it in asap. If not, it's up to you how you go forward as there is no guarantee you have the same issue as I do. I hope this helps and best of luck going forward.
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answered Jul 27 by michaelkagan (180 points)
was about to send in the speaker but then this started happening to the OTHER speaker as well.  I think it's a design flaw/very common issue that people just haven't been complaining about that much

Rather than pay the 40$ shipping on each speaker and deal with their silly "warranty" service, I just opened the backs up myself and took a peak.  jiggled around the two cables that connect to the tweeter and put everything back together.  Theyre "working" for now but who knows how long it will last.  unfortunately this is probably my last purchase from this company.  shoddy QC + No prepaid shipping for warranty service = ???

dreading the day the temblor t10 sub inevitably dies

If a presonus rep wants to directly comment on this issue, it would be appreciated.  Thanks
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answered Dec 4 by miro666 (180 points)

How to fix it. (You will need # 0 or 1 Phillips screwdriver, magnifying glass. sharp knife point or Xacto knife point for scraping.)

1. Remove the screws and take the back off the speaker.

2. Squeeze and Disconnect the tweeter from the little "motherboard". (just for easier access to the underside.)

3. Examine the underside of the motherboard, especially the two terminals that mate with the tweeter connector.

4. There you will encounter one of two problems either a.) a cold solder joint on one or both of the pins (less likely)

or - (more likely) a stupid thread of solder "bridging" across the two circuit board traces - which are stupidly closer together than they have any reason to be.

5. Take something sharp - knife blade point  - and make a few scrapes between the traces - BE CAREFUL NOT TO OVERSCRAPE AND CUT OTHER TRACES ON THE LITTLE BOARD.  YOU JUST WANT TO CLEAN BETWEEN THE PINS.

6. If this doesn't fix it, you probably have a cold solder joint.. Touching it up with a spot of heat from a small soldering iron should cure the problem. You should be able to "see" a cold solder joint - which often looks "granular", not glossy - or wiggle it loose.

But 90% odds would favor the bridging fleck of solder between the pins.

7. Reconnect the tweeter to the motherboard with a good firm scrubbing action. Reassemble the caase - and you should be good to go.

All problems s/b this easy - and unsolved where the tweeter cuts in and out is MADDENING know.