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Presonus Eris E5 tweeter keeps cutting in and out.

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asked Jul 30, 2019 in Sceptre, Eris, R-Series by andredemelomotta (180 points)
Hey there. First post here.

I noticed that there are already some questions regarding this subject. However, none of them seem to contain a solution. Therefore, here I am.

One of the tweeters of my Eris E5 pair keeps cutting in and out. I opened the cabinet to see if the problem was related to the tweeter itself or the motherboard. The tweeter is totally fine. The problem seems to be happening on the motherboard and that is beyond my knowledge. These monitors were already sent to an Authorized Presonus Repair Center, but the issue still remains. I was wondering if anybody has the solution for this random "cutting in and out" thing so I'll know where to look. Thank you!

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answered Dec 3, 2019 by baxterbrown (210 points)
I have the Eris E8 XT speakers with the same issue. It's maddening and seems to be fairly prevalent with no solution. Would love to hear about someone getting this fixed and what they did.
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answered Jan 11 by stephenmccann2 (190 points)
I would also appreciate some information on how this issue can be fixed. Had my E5's for a number of years and the problem has persisted from very early on. The only information I come across is asking people to message privately. We would appreciate an informed response and solution from the manufacturer publicly in some way, as there are many threads on the issue. Thank you.
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answered Jan 11 by andredemelomotta (180 points)
edited Jan 15 by andredemelomotta
Hey, guys. Just an update! I'm working side by side with a colleague. He is a technician in the area and we will be performing tests to find the solution. I'll post it here if we find the answer to our problems! Thank you!
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answered Mar 6 by michaelkagan (140 points)
so has anyone ever gotten this fixed?  It just started happening to one of my virtually brand new Eris E8XT's.  Design flaw?

Should I open a ticket?
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answered Apr 1 by stephenmccann2 (190 points)
For anyone who hasn't lost the will for an answer, I have set up a ticket and am waiting for a response. I will keep the thread updated.