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Eris 4.5 tweeter cutting out at low volumes

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asked Jun 3 in Sceptre, Eris, R-Series by benwilson15 (120 points)

Hello, I have had my powered Eris E4.5 studio monitor pair since last June and have been loving them. I had them placed vertically (standing up), but about 3 months ago, I decided to turn them sideways to a horizontal position. This was fine for 2 months, but about 4 weeks ago the left monitor (the one with the power/controls) developed an issue with its tweeter. When I have the Volume low, the tweeter will gradually cut out. I am able to get it to kick back on if I turn the volume WAY up -- the tweeter will cut back in suddenly, not gradually. Then 20-40 mins later, the tweeter is out again.

I read this thread, as it is the most similar to what I have observed:

Because the issue detailed in that thread seemed to be wiring, I wondered if turning the monitors sideways was part of the issue. I have had the problem monitor turned back to its vertical orientation for about 10 days, and indeed, the problem has gone away. This works for now, but I do not think there is a reason why I could not have the monitor sideways -- common sense tells me it should be fine in any position and PreSonus documentation says that similar models to the E4.5 can be placed either way. Also I am concerned that this tweeter problem will re-appear even in this layout and I will not have a way to work around it.

I am tempted to open up the unit myself since the one-year warranty will be up in 5 days.

Any thoughts? Thanks for reading.

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