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Compressor Auto-Gain is broken

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asked Jul 31, 2019 in Studio One 4 by davidkissam (230 points)

From the Studio One Reference Manual:  "Auto-Gain: Engage to automatically fix the 0 dB input level to the 0 dB output level (guarantees that a 0 dB input level results in a 0 dB output level)."

The Presonus compressor plugin functioned exactly like this in Studio One 2.  Now that I have upgraded to Studio One 4, the auto-gain button is broken and it makes all of my presets useless.  All it does now is add around 1dB of gain, regardless of how the other parameters are set.

I will repost some images from this thread ( to illustrate what I am talking about: 

Here is what it looks like in Studio One 2:

and in Studio One 3 or 4:

The answer in this thread doesn't make sense.  This is not an improvement, it is a mistake -- the feature no longer functions as described.

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