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Is it possible to add 3rd party sample libraries into Studio One's browse tab area?

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asked Aug 2, 2019 in Studio One 4 by ricardomena (150 points)
This question has been itching me for a while, but is there an easier way to have one's third party samples to be imported, or to add the folder of said samples into the browse area of Studio One? I own both Studio One and Ableton Live, but one thing I noticed from Live is that I can have the folder of a sample library added to the browse tab section area. Is there such a way to do something similar in Studio One than having to tediously import one sample from the 2 GB sample library I downloaded?

If not, then that is fine.

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answered Aug 3, 2019 by piggysm (1,260 points)

Of course it has.

in StudioOne browse(press F5), find tab files, locate your sample folder, right click, set it "New Tab From Here", then this folder will show up like as a tab.