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If Impact XT would have all of these features and we should not use 3rd VST for those features.

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asked Dec 4, 2020 in Studio One 5 by ivanoiuovidiu (350 points)

With these beautiful controllers (Atom, SQ), we need these strongly.

I know S1 is best in mix and master, but for those who produce sampled music based, this is a must, in 2020. A supreme tool.

And i know....make a ticket or some...but here too he can see who needs to see in order to change something.

If Impact XT would have all of these features and we should not use 3rd VST for those features (Serato Sample, etc ...),

together with Atom/SQ and Studio One (best DAW) would be MPC killer. And DAWs too.

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answered Dec 4, 2020 by shawnbasey (580 points)
Basically merge Impact and Sample One there's no reason these are two separate products, and together they'd be killer.
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answered Dec 5, 2020 by ansolas (3,950 points)
A stronger relation between pad, output and pianoroll would be nice either. At the moment things get confusing very fast.

Have a look and borrow some ideas from NI Maschine :) There it is solved very clean. ! track one output one pad

Have a look at my suggestions here either please, some are also Impact XT related :
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answered Dec 21, 2020 by garrykiosk (710 points)
An excellent suggestion. Have my upvote. The more integration the better for workflow and and aid to creativity.
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answered May 26, 2021 by valentinosciacca1 (8,120 points)
Great idea! Thanks for sharing this! Most of the market is own by Ableton and FL there is a reason for that...

SampleONE and Impact should get a fresh update with new amazing features.
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answered Dec 7, 2021 by MANOVA (720 points)

I agree with everything above.

I would ad my stone with 3 more requests:

1- Add a real time stretch knob button for every pad

3- Make layering easier .For exemple you could create a button to unify and group the banks we want. C1 in bank A would be C1 in bank 2 if we choose to unify them, this way can layer more easily.

3- Add a real delay start button i mean a button that would add a silence before the start  of the sample

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answered Jun 12, 2022 by nathanielwalker2 (360 points)
Sample One and Impact serve different purposes, so "merging them" is not a solution.  This is like merging Cubase's Sampler Track with Groove Agent, or Ableton Simpler with Drum Racks, or Logic's Quick Sampler with Drum Machine Designer...  Get my point.

The biggest feature lack is Live Sampling.  Without it, the workflow is fairly clunky.  Compared to something like Groove Agent 5, which basically turns Cubase into the equivalent of a Maschine or MPC when you own it, because you can live sample and just press pads to assign audio clips to each of them.  The workflow is fantastic.  Once I got Groove Agent 5, I stopped using MPC 2 or Maschine 2 for sampling, which had the side effect of simplifying the workflow in other areas (since you can export the Groove Agent Mixer to Cubase etc.).

Impact XT should go in that direction.

As it stands, there is no point in using this over something like Battery 4, which [better] serves the same function.
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answered Oct 2, 2022 by ojcfnulr (300 points)
+ extended random layer mode - any sample EXCEPT previous