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How can I change the font size of the chord names in my lead sheet? Notion 6 MacOS

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asked Aug 4, 2019 in Notion by clausdeubel (130 points) 1 flag
The font size of the chord names are too small and not easy to read on stage. Is it possible to make them larger?

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answered Aug 6, 2019 by premanandh (140 points)
yes of course select any one chord from your score sheet then from the score menu select full score options there you will see fonts now from the list select chord root  and on the right you can change font size as you wish

I hope this may help you

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answered May 16, 2022 by daveboa (150 points)
Sorry, whoever answered this question is incorrect. You currently cannot change the font size of the chords you enter, as Presonus told me earlier today. This needs updating as the chord symbols are MUCH too small.