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FR: Track input gain knob MINUS INIFITY a.k.a. FULL CUT trim?

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asked Aug 9, 2019 in Mixing by Scoox (12,360 points)

I requested this for Mixtool a while back but so far only a handful of votes. Now I'm requesting it again for the recently added track Input Gain knobs. I still hope Mixtool also gets this feature. Comment and vote, thanks!

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answered Feb 22 by peterbaird (670 points)
Isn't this dependent on the preamp hardware?  Some preamps don't have attenuators that will go all the way to infinity.  All Studio One can do is repeat what the hardware is reporting.  Or perhaps I'm misunderstanding.

My mistake, sorry.  You were talking about Channel Input gain and not Preamp Gain.  As you were.