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How do I prevent minus-infinity automation curves to get a value when dragged up?

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asked Mar 2, 2018 in Studio One 3 by basmeijer (6,260 points)
This merely involves volume automation. When you lift up an automation curve that has places where the volume gain is (minus) -infinity you drag these values up as well.

Dragging up a curve add dB to evey value on that curve, so to speak. Sometimes you do not want that when you are dealing with a mix bus that sums a lot of channels and you also use volume automation to clear up the unwanted noises/crosstalk on these tracks.

So, do I have to make a DCA bus of a channel or a mix bus first in order to get the desired result, or is there a way to drag-up values like a DCA would do?

Similar, when you select a curve and take it down walues that originally were -infinity get a value when pulled up again. So a curve changes when -infinity was hit. This is sometimes also not desired.

Could this be relabeled as feature request if this is not possible somehow? Thanks

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