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Gain/trim does not affect the mix engine

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asked Jun 14, 2021 in Studio One 5 by trond1 (120 points)
edited Jun 15, 2021 by trond1

Gain/trim comes after the tracks hit the mix engine. This means that crosstalk is not affected by gain/trim. I would like a gain/trim on each track (audio and midi), so it would be easier to control the level that hits the mix engine (it is possible, but...). 

Edit: I just received an answer, but though I appreciate that people respond, I do believe the answer is incorrect. If it is correct, then everythings fine :-) But I think the gain/trim in the input controls does NOT affect the mix engine. And the reason is that the mix engine comes before the input controls (like gain/trim knob). So my request stands - until I'm convinced that I'm wrong... (PS: I edited my request, because it seems I can't comment on the incomming answers. Or did I miss anything?)

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answered Jun 15, 2021 by rionquiroz1 (4,270 points)
if you hit the little wrench in mix window the tab input controls should do the trick i think