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Purchased Melodyne but cant add it to my list of plug ins to use

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asked Aug 10, 2019 in Studio One 4 by lukwkardys (120 points)
I have Studio one artist 4 and bought the essential melodyne version which is the full one, no trial. I downloaded and installed it but I cant figure out how to get it into studio one so I can start using it. I don't see any options to add it and Ive watched videos on third party plug ins but still cant figure it out. I know there is an option for vst plug ins to be scanned in the options tab of studio one but I don't even have an option for vst plug ins there. Is there something im missing or do I need the professional version to be able to use it? hoping I don't, as I just want to use melodyne with the artist version I already have.

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answered Aug 18, 2019 by tothrec (31,720 points)

No VST integration in Studio One Artist.