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using outboard gear with my studio live series 3

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asked Aug 11 in StudioLive Series III by paulfizzy (120 points)
Hi i was just wondering if i can use a dangerous music dbox and other out board gear with my series 3 mixer because i am not happy when the print track quality because when the track is printed it sounds very different from what i mixed in the console , is there any possible way to use external converter and bypass the built in converters?

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answered Aug 11 by wahlerstudios (54,540 points)
Quotes from the ownser's manual (section 3.2.1): "The ΒΌ-inch TRS connectors bypass the gain stage and are scaled to accept line-level signals up to +18 dBu" and "When the line inputs are engaged, the microphone preamp circuit is bypassed completely."