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Anyone else experiencing signal noise when running outboard gear via the ADAT ports into the Quantum interface?

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asked Jan 5 in Thunderbolt - Quantum by mkeenes (120 points)
I connect a Universal Audio 4-710d preamp unit to my Presonus Quantum interface via the ADAT optical ports. When I play my bass through the 4-710d there is signal noise in the form of pops and cracks. I have tried connecting the analog out from the 4-710d instead of the ADAT and it sounds fine. I also have run directly into the Quantum interface and have no issues. There is only noise introduced when I transfer through the ADAT ports.

Has anyone else experience signal noise issues when connecting outboard gear via the ADAT ports on the Quantum interface?



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answered Jan 8 by andrewgriffin (150 points)
i use the studio 192 with adat connected to a motu all perfectly synced but still get tiny click n pop now an then