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Adding audio tracks to instrument channel with one click

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asked Aug 18, 2019 in Mixing by eddiecolmenares (160 points)
Currently (unless I'm wrong!), the only way to add an audio track to an instrument (to record midi to audio) is to add track and pick the source etc. It would be great if we could just right click on an instrument track and have "Add Audio Track(s)" or something like that to streamline the process. It gets to be a pain when you have multiple instruments to go through.


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answered Aug 19, 2019 by Nip (3,110 points)
If you talk about external midi gear - what you say is basically true.
There is a key command to create audio track though - if external gear needing audio input to render on.

For VST Instruments you just do Duplicate Track - and a copy without the clips, pointing to same instrument is created.

If you do Duplicate Track(complete) also a new instance if instrument is created, in the case where that is what you want.