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What is the best way of making an orchestral template in studio one 4.5?

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asked Sep 9, 2019 in Studio One 4 by andrewleach (130 points)
I'm in the process of making an orchestral template and just struggling to find the best way to go about this. Basically, I'm looking to place each instrument and its articulations on different tracks so they are preloaded and ready to use. As this is going to mean a lot of tracks ( at the moment around 250), I realize that this will be a large drain on CPU and, as a don't have massive resources for this type of workflow, I'm looking for the most effective way of setting this up. Having looked at tutorials and chat on the forum, I decided to load numerous kontakt multi racks - e.g. one for violin articulations, one for all cello articulations etc. and routed them to their own tracks in studio one - each instrument section having its own folder. Once this was done, for the entire orchestra, I disabled all the tracks to save loading time and processing power and saved as a template. This works great as the template loads instantly and then recording a particular part only requires one Kontakt multi rack to be enabled. However, I'm just wondering if using multi rack instances of kontakt is the best way to go about this. At some point, on larger projects, to save CPU, I'm going to have to 'transform to audio' and I've just found out that this function doesn't work on multi rack instances of kontakt. As I'm disabling the tracks prior to use, would it be better to load a single instance of kontakt on each track (250 instances ?). That way I'd be able to 'transform to audio' when required. I know that's a massive load - but they'd all be disabled until needed. I'm new to this so any help would be appreciated - running Windows 10, i79700k, 32gb, 2TB SSD.

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