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What is the best configuration of External HDD for use in Studio One 4 Pro and High Sierra?

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asked Aug 16, 2018 in Studio One 4 by m@P (1,900 points)
edited Aug 16, 2018 by m@P
Seems like I've read somewhere not to convert to the new file system on external HDDs for audio recording but need some real guidance here. thank you

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answered Jan 5, 2019 by macdavey (180 points)
I am exploring upgrading from a 2008 Mac Pro and I am considering a Mac Mini but not sure what to use in terms of extra Ernal storage and I am wondering if I really need to go to a separate drive for audio and a separate drive for my virtual instrument library or if I could get by with a single large 2 TB Connected via thunderbolt three or in an external hard disk in closure and use a combination of as SSD drives and Sata drives that I could take out of my Mac Pro.  I have some very large virtual instrument library us including everything from spectra sonics, komplete 12, Synthogy ivory, arturio V, Superior drummer 3 and studio one 3 Pro looking to upgrade to 4.   My current 2008 Mac Pro has a 2 TB fusion Drive for my programs that is roughly half full but could use some cleanup and I have a 2 TB drive for soft cents and a 1 TB drive for audio files and a 3 TB backup drive all of the internal to the Mac Pro.  I cannot seem to find anything on any of the threads that talk about the ideal hardest configuration to use for large virtual instrument library’s and the pros and cons of a single large SSD or a mixture of SSD and fusion drives or an extra North under ball enclosure running raid.