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How do I upload my songs made in Studio One to SoundCloud **so that they are also stream-able**?

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asked Sep 9, 2019 in Studio One 4 by roxannaredfoot (160 points)

I have a track I successfully uploaded to SoundCloud via the built-in client.  Yay, perfect!  Except - I am trying to get it to show up in my DJ-ing software (Serato DJ lite, pioneer DJ board) via my Soundcloud playlist and it is not showing up -- apparently because it is not "available for streaming." 

How do I upload my songs made in Studio One to SoundCloud so that they are also stream-able/useable by my DJ software?

 Getting "Error: Only streaming tracks can be moved into streaming playlists.

 How do I save my track so it can be streamed? 

 THANK YOU! -Roxanna

  •  ASUS laptop L406
  • - WINDOWS 10 HOME, 1809
  • - presonus audiobox usb 96

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answered Sep 11, 2019 by Jamesrhone1 (200,340 points)
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A lot of answers can be found in the Studio One manual. Look at the bottom half of this page for Soundcloud information:

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answered Aug 5, 2021 by danielsanchez53 (320 points)
It's now August 5th, 2021 and I am having the a problem when trying to log into Soundcloud using Studio One Pro v.5.3. I constantly get the following error and since this seems to be an old problem, so I have to ask... why hasn't it been addressed by anyone at PreSonus or fixed in the application? Seems many users are having the same problem and I have now spent an hour trying to find a solution on this web site and else where, to now avail... My ability to log-in directly to my SoundCloud page was one of the reasons I bought StudioOne Pro. We could use some advice from the folks at PreSonus on this. Thanks in advance for the help.

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