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SoundCloud Client Error

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asked Feb 6, 2022 in Studio One 4 by stevenbernstein (220 points)

I'm using Studio One 4.6 and experiencing the same issues. I built a pc and installed S1 perfectly, but SoundClouid Client was showing a error message like you guys got. I changed the ending like our guy suggested. Now, I'm able to log in, but that's it. When I try to "Connect to SoundCloud" nothing was happening. I had to go to the Credential Manager to delete the OAuth 2 and SoundCloud Client credentials, close Studio One; and, start the authorization and log in process over. (Including changing the invalid link) 

Its connected. BUTTTTT the SoundCloud Client is not fully or correctly functioning. 

If I attempt to upload, it seems everything is working fine, but then the "State" of the upload says failed. I've repeated these steps above multiple times. I've searched the web multiple times, and I refuse to code to get this thing to work.

 Any ideas on what's going wrong or if this a issue that can be fixed? Also, S1 is up to date.

**this isn't a big deal breaker at the moment,  but it would be nice to use**

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