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Studio One 4 Soundcloud does not connect "waiting for soundcloud to respond"

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asked Dec 15, 2018 in Studio One 4 by anthonypaterson (200 points)
Is anyone else able to connect to soundcloud from Studio One 4?

I have working internet.
S1 is already allowed through the windows firewall.
It is able to check for updates.
Current version

Currently when clicking connect to soundcloud, it launches my browser - chrome, and i login and it never returns.

Perhaps a problem on Soundclouds end, or an API change, I don't know.

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answered Feb 17, 2019 by danielrowell (200 points)
Same Ive tried everything i have read, but still nothing. Please let me know if you figured out a fix and I will do the same
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answered Apr 16, 2019 by paulmatarazzo (200 points)
edited Apr 16, 2019 by paulmatarazzo

i get an error (see below) when trying to connect to soundcloud. looks like the API has changed. i found a fix though :)

{"errors":[{"error_message":"404 - Not Found"}]}

the url that Presonus Studio One tries starts with
i removed the 'api' to make the url start
and it then went to the log in page and all is working now. :)))
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answered Dec 28, 2019 by fabianvasquez (240 points)
Having the same problem with studio one 4.6 pro, and line 6 HX editor and SD3, I allowed them through the firewall. In SO4.6 on the drop down menu for help or connect to website it just does nothing. I can update and get news feed but nothing else. Opened 2-3 tickets and no answer from support.
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answered Jan 13, 2020 by mamuefa (220 points)
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Having the same issue with the latest version 3 (Windows 10). Can't connect to Soundcloud anymore.

Waiting for Soundcloud to connect


This worked for me:

I usually start S1 as an administrator (due to JBridged plugins). Now it shows that this is actually causing the issue with the soundcloud client.

As soon as I start S1 as a normal user, the connection process just works fine and you can restart S1 as an admin again.

I hope, I can help someone with this information.

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answered Jul 30, 2021 by kevyncunningham (240 points)
How does one start S1 as a non administrator?I clickk on the icon and it starts automatically!