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How can Midi Guitar show the correct string on the Tab.

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asked Sep 10, 2019 in Notion by jen1 (120 points)
The Jammy Midi Guitar sends each string as a separate midi channel (1-6), however Notion seems to get these wrong.
i.e. Open A may be reflected as the 5th Fret on the E-string.  I would have thought the multi-channel guitar checkbox would have allowed this to be set correctly but has not worked.  For example Guitar Pro gets this correct.  I would be grateful if anyone knows of a way to do this rather than changing the Tab retrospectively?  Thanks.

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answered Sep 30, 2019 by sunlove (3,510 points)
edited Oct 1, 2019 by sunlove
All I could do is test my MIDI keyboard to see how my Ample Gutar collection VSTi handles it. It can output as a MIDI guitar --  ch.1=string1, ch.2=string3, etc). It works with my DAW (Reaper).

Results: it does not with Notion.

Keyboard connected, even with multi channel guitar enabled, Notion fails to input MIDI channel change outputed on my keyboard to trigger the other guitar strings. It could only trigger one string.

However, I can program rules with Notion that triggers the proper string on my guitar VSTi. The Only notation software to be able to do that.

It does that through keyswitches, but not channel change. This is where it lacks.