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Unlink Patterns when using Duplicate (Complete)

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asked Sep 27, 2019 in Editing by michaelbachner (410 points)
I think this is more like a bug:

When you have a track with patterns in it, you can right click on the track and choose "Duplicate (Complete)".

Now the duplicated track that should have no links to the original track shares its patterns with the original track.

That means deleting/changing a pattern in the duplicate deletes/changes a pattern in the original. This shouldn't be the case.

Workaround: Create a new pattern in the duplicate, copy the variations from the original, paste the variations into the duplicate.

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answered Sep 27, 2019 by jesikamorningstar (180 points)
Just select the pattern, and press "D" on keyboard. Then move it all you want, it wont be connected (shared) OR on the shared copy you made, right click the pattern and select "separate shared copies" from the drop menu. Shared copies have a little icon in the lower left corner of the pattern. Looks kinda like a space invader from the old video game, but my monitor is not the best...