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How can I "Duplicate Shared" an entire Scratch Pad when dragging and dropping it to the Arrangement?

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asked Aug 26, 2019 in Studio One 4 by marcora (2,870 points)
I cannot find a way to "Duplicate Shared" an entire Scratch Pad when dragging and dropping it to the arrangement.

Thanks for your help!

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answered Aug 26, 2019 by marcora (2,870 points)
Oddly enough, if I Cmd+drag a Section from Arrangement to Scratchpad then I get events in the Scratchpad section to be Shared with the ones in the Arrangement. But if I Cmd+drag a Section from Scratchpad to Arrangement then I get simple copies of the events, not shared copies. It would be nice to fix this for consistent behavior and to obtain the workflow I am hoping for (similar to Maschine or FL Studio, where if I change an event/pattern, then it changes everywhere it is used).

Adding a Paste Shared command to the Edit menu would also be great!
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answered Aug 7, 2021 by arturgodlewski (2,040 points)
Yes, I'd love that too! We should be able to add or remove things (clips) from ScratchPad and have the change populated to every shared copy used in the main arrangement!
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answered Jan 13, 2022 by michaelcollins (1,520 points)
edited Jan 13, 2022 by michaelcollins

1) Create an ARRANGER SECTION (not a clip, doesn't work on clips)
2) right click the SECTION and hit DUPLICATE SHARED
3) hold ALT (MUST DO) and drag to the other window and let go.
4) now they will be shared.

This works both
Arranger -> Scratch
Scratch -> Arranger

This updates ALL scratch pads & arrangement regardless of where you change it as long as all are marked as shared.

However if you delete so there's only one copy existing, it removes the shared, so be careful if you are working on arrangement.

Maybe have the first scratch pad be the "Shared Duplicate" so there is always a shared copy for it to know about.

The way I plan to do this:
Write (repeating) song sections once in the main window.  I will just have one Chorus section for example.
Create a scratch pad for each different versions of the arrangement you want to try out.
For example, one scratch pad may start with the chorus, while one scratch pad may start with the verse.
One scratch pad may repeat the chorus twice.
As I am figuring out the order I like, I can edit stuff in the main arranger window (such as fills, extra instruments, etc.) and it will propagate to all versions of the different arrangement (section order) ideas in the scratchpad.
I can export from scratchpad each arrangement idea, then when I am happy with the song structure, I can start the final editing, perhaps removing the shared status so I can do individual things for each time the chorus shows up, for example.
But for planning overall song structure this may be helpful