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option to show more than one staff staff in dynamic parts (reduced score)

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asked Jan 18, 2016 in Notion Feature Requests by martinkutschker (3,040 points)
To have a better overview of certain instrument groups (eg strings) or arbitrarily choosen instruments (menu option?) while composing for a larger ensemble (Swing big band and bigger) it would be nice to be able to see the chosen staves as a reduced score.

Perhaps the "score" main menu could get a "reduced score" sub-menu that lists all menus (just like the "dynamic parts". sub-menu) . The difference would be that you can check more than one instrument at a given time. The drawback is that selecting an item in one sub-menu (eg "full score" in "dynamic parts") will un-select an item in a different menu (to extend the example: the other "full score" in "reduced score"). This may looks as confusing as I deem my attempt to describe the menu structure.

Maybe it is simpler to show two new items below "full score" within the existing "dynamic parts" sub-menu. "reduced score" and "single instrument" item. "full score" works just as it is now. But as you can now select more than one instrument, you have to choose between "reduced score" and "single instrument". For convenience as the instrumenst should stay selected if possible (eg when switching from "reduced score" to "full score").

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answered Jan 21, 2016 by AlexTinsley (924,290 points)
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answered May 15, 2016 by gillesdulong (850 points)
I agree, this would be useful.

For example in classical scores, we often see the Flute 1 and 2 together on the same dynamic part.

Actually, the only way to do that for now is to save the notion file to another name (ex : Flute 1 & 2 dynamic part) and in full score mode hide all of the other staves. This way we can also customize the view for these instruments in particular (notation size, staff spacing). This is not very practical and if in the near future we want to change the flute 1 in the conductor score, we have to manually re-notate the changes in the other file that we have created for the flute 1 & 2 dynamic part.

I wish you the best,

Matthieu Dulong
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answered May 31, 2017 by elerouxx (1,700 points)

Another typical case is the percussion parts that should be printed together, as they are usually a bunch of staves handled by one or two musicians, and also cases of piano in which you need a 3rd. staff. Please!