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File browsing window, tool for matching samples with ongoing projects, or pitch display tool

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asked Oct 12, 2019 in Notion Feature Requests by jxxwemtj (190 points)
Many times I look for the samples I need in the file browsing window.

 I am a sample collector. I will look for some inspiration when I create a new project. The material in the file browsing window may be different from the project I am working on.

I think If you can set a mode detection function or pitch detection function in the file browsing window, I think this will be a hot function of the next generation studio one, and it may become a new core competency of studio one. Of course, this function can be For the paid, as long as the user can work better, I believe that more users will be willing to pay this fee.

I know that we can quickly find the tune on the keyboard, but we have to drag and drop the material to the editing window to transfer the tweak. If it can display the tune in the file browsing window or directly match the ongoing work item, omit the drag. Awkward work, I believe that will shorten a lot of our working hours.

Thank you very much, hope to adopt, I hope studio one is getting better and better, and I hope that the workers can get the job done faster.

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