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The ability to Drag and Drop samples directly into the Pattern Editor?

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asked May 31, 2018 in Patterns by Mr Varsity (700 points)

I think it would improve the workflow of the Pattern editor if we were able to Drag and Drop samples directly into the Pattern Editor. If a user is working in the Pattern Editor and browsing samples and he or she comes across a sample they want to use... wouldn't it be easier and faster if they were able to Drag and Drop the sample directly into the Pattern Editor straight from the sample browse window? The way things are set up now you would have to first go back to Impact XT... load the sample there and then come back to the Pattern Editor... wouldn't it be easier if we could just Drag and Drop the sample in the Pattern Editor and have the sample default into Impact XT?


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answered May 31, 2018 by AlexTinsley (925,100 points)
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Thank you for the feature request. 

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answered Jun 5, 2021 by izpztddn (1,460 points)
I had the same feelings working with patterns.... it really slows down your creativity.... too much manual work. It would be great to drop a sample right into the pattern window, and have it automatically added to a next free Impact XT cell. Definetely up vote.
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answered Aug 5, 2021 by valentinosciacca1 (8,340 points)
love the idea! voted!
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answered Mar 24, 2022 by gajnaren (860 points)