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Serial number Audiobox USB 96 invalid - one more post!

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asked Oct 14, 2019 in AudioBox USB by janine-stefaniealsheimer (130 points)
Dear community,

as I already have informed Presonus with a ticket and an attached photo of my serial no. I will ask you for solution. Maybe you have any. Hardware Audiobox USB 96 was bought on 12-10-2019.

The 0‘s in my serial no are „zeros“ - this I know in meanwhile. And the written „J“ seems to be a big i...

But still: it does not work. In difference to the first tries sometimes simply nothing happens.

Have called the company where I have bought it so now I hope on getting helped from the support, from the music shop and / or from you.



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answered Oct 14, 2019 by sgtbigdoguk (240 points)
I’m having as are many the same issue , my suspicion is that this is a server back end issue as the whole my presonus site seems to be having issues. I’ve had a response on my ticket and I’ll keep you in the loop should a resolution be found