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Can't register PreSonus AudioBox USB 96. Serial number invalid

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asked Oct 13, 2019 in AudioBox USB by alexgiordano (280 points)
On October, 3rd, I've bought an "AudioBox Studio Ultimate Bundle". A week later I've tried to register "PreSonus AudioBox USB 96" but failed. Every time I enter the serial code (U3UI090209) it is considered invalid by your website. How can I register this product and therefore download all the programs I've paid for?

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answered Oct 13, 2019 by sgtbigdoguk (240 points)
I’m having the same issue , I’m hoping it’s to do with the servers . I have raised a support ticket , I’ll keep you in the loop.
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answered Oct 13, 2019 by anthonyallyn (410 points)

  I'm having the same problem...

back into the box,  get my money back.   i see this ha been going on for well over a year now.


God luck
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answered Oct 13, 2019 by justinkunkle (180 points)
edited Oct 14, 2019 by justinkunkle
I am trying  to register mine and I am having the same problem. I will call customer support when they are open and update this.  I just had mine delivered today. If I cannot register I will be returning my AudioBox USB96 it may be a problem with the date purchased because I got mine through amazon. UPDATE 10/14/19 The next morning I changed my time zone and entered the same serial code and it worked! Im currently downloading everything
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answered Oct 13, 2019 by emmagibson (160 points)
I am experiencing the same issue, I got a different product, but my serial code is 'invalid', so not sure what I'm going to do...
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answered Oct 14, 2019 by (200 points)
so, and i have that issue. Your serial number is invalid.
And WE want an answer from Presonus Support.
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answered Jun 30, 2020 by faiththomas1 (160 points)
Having the same issue. Keep getting error message saying the serial # should be 20 or 28 characters in length. The Serial # showing on my box is only 10 characters. PreSonus Support - please assist!!