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asked Oct 17, 2019 in Studio One 4 by victorkennedy (140 points)
I've just installed Studio One Prime to check out the basic concept. I've been using Pro Tools and other DAWs for many many years and am considering getting S! Pro at a later date, which is why i installed Prime "look around"

It seems that my extensive suite of Processing and Instrument plugins will not work in Prime. I can live with that for a while, but wondering if I'll be able to use them in Artist version, or only in the full Pro version.

I thought I'd get Artist if I liked Prime, and then move into Pro later (when I have the $$$) but if I'm forced to use only the included Instrument and Processing plugins until I fork out for the full Pro ... well..?

I can't see an Add-On in the shop section which would tell more about this.

All suggestions welcomed in advance...

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