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Change Key Signature in Studio One?

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asked Oct 20, 2019 in Editing by jacobcadmus (270 points)
I was wondering if there was a way to change key signature (NOT time signature) in Studio One? I don't like making DAW A/B comparisons, but Logic has this feature in conjunction with time signature changes. In S1 I thought maybe the Chord Track would be the answer, but it seems that chord changes conform to one master key signature, with no apparent way to program any changes of that master key signature on the timeline. Maybe it's there but I'm just not finding it?

This would be a nice feature to have, in order to signal more straightforward modulations in a composition. While I can do that in Notion, I'd rather have the ability to do that in S1 first, so that Notion (or any other notation app) can see those key changes right from the MIDI transcription, instead of seeing them as accidental markings, and would save time when editing and printing out sheets.

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answered Apr 5 by tommasoscalici (830 points)
I was looking for the same thing right now, but it seems there's no feature for that right now...
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answered Apr 6 by fschmidt (2,970 points)
Actually I'm a big fan of any kind of musical function, but what would be the use of such feature as long as there is no note editer/viewer. I'd rather have a dedicated track to change the time-signature first as changing the time signature is rather fiddly...
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answered Apr 6 by jacobcadmus (270 points)
@fschmidt - Well then maybe have tracks for both time and key? I think there is great use for this feature, even if Studio One doesn’t have notation built in.