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Key & scale snap should follow Chord Track

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asked Nov 9, 2021 in MIDI Editing by arturgodlewski (2,020 points)
edited Nov 9, 2021 by arturgodlewski

The piano roll has an awesome feature of snapping played or inserted notes to selected key & scale, so that people who don't know music theory and / or cannot play well won't record wrong pitches. 

However, when the track is following Chord Track, that feature gets completely disabled whereas it should still be on and - ideally - should follow the Chord Track as well.

As an encouragement, I'll say that Cubase introduced that in v11 last year :)

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answered Nov 17, 2021 by tshadgett (4,570 points)
I went to draw some Midi in a few days ago to create a melody over some chords and was really surprised this wasn't a thing! It needs to happen for sure!
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answered Jul 2, 2022 by justinshaw1 (270 points)
Just started the hunt for turning this exact function on, so not sure if this has been added since 11/21.  If not, I'm throwing my request in the hat.