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closed Change Key Signature in Studio One? [Completed 5.1]

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asked Oct 20, 2019 in Completed Feature Requests by jacobcadmus (270 points)
closed Jan 8, 2021 by arndkaiser
I was wondering if there was a way to change key signature (NOT time signature) in Studio One? I don't like making DAW A/B comparisons, but Logic has this feature in conjunction with time signature changes. In S1 I thought maybe the Chord Track would be the answer, but it seems that chord changes conform to one master key signature, with no apparent way to program any changes of that master key signature on the timeline. Maybe it's there but I'm just not finding it?

This would be a nice feature to have, in order to signal more straightforward modulations in a composition. While I can do that in Notion, I'd rather have the ability to do that in S1 first, so that Notion (or any other notation app) can see those key changes right from the MIDI transcription, instead of seeing them as accidental markings, and would save time when editing and printing out sheets.
closed with the note: Completed in 5.1

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answered Apr 5, 2020 by tommasoscalici (1,720 points)
I was looking for the same thing right now, but it seems there's no feature for that right now...
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answered Apr 6, 2020 by fschmidt (6,170 points)
Actually I'm a big fan of any kind of musical function, but what would be the use of such feature as long as there is no note editer/viewer. I'd rather have a dedicated track to change the time-signature first as changing the time signature is rather fiddly...
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answered Apr 6, 2020 by jacobcadmus (270 points)
@fschmidt - Well then maybe have tracks for both time and key? I think there is great use for this feature, even if Studio One doesn’t have notation built in.
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answered Jul 23, 2020 by bryliechristopheroxley (270 points)

For a shared context, the basic elements of music are rhythm, melody, harmony, form, and expression. Studio One is very capable when it comes to most of those elements, including being able to arrange song parts and control instrument dynamics right in the sequencer. However, on top of basic melody and harmony exists a realm of functional harmony that is barely glimpsed in Studio One -- namely, when selecting a chord for the Chord Track via the circle of keys.

A Key Signature track could add a new level for music composition when used in conjunction with the chord track. A key signature puts notes and chords into a functional relationship with one another where each chord has a special role related to the root.

By way of example, there is a really useful tool called Hookpad that helps musicians write chords in functional harmony. Most notable in Hookpad is the ability to define chord progressions in terms of their functional role (via roman numeral analysis), colorize notes and chords by scale degree, and compose melodies through the selective use of stable and tension notes:

Similarly, the Captain Plugins suite allows musicians to define chord progressions based on the key signature and chord function and then create/randomize melodies based on the chord progression and the desired amount of tension/stability.

While Hookpad, Captain Plugins, and similar tools are really useful, it would be a much more streamlined and integrated workflow if Studio One were to offer similar tools for songwriters and composers. I honestly bought Studio One because of the Chord Track feature and would be very grateful to see a continued effort to enhance the process of writing functional harmony.

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answered Aug 9, 2020 by gregplum (250 points)
Now that S1 has editing using notation built in, I think this feature is vital. I suspect many people confuse the feature of transposing as against selecting (changing) a key signature. I don't want to alter pitch, just change the way notes are presented enharmonically. (same note, different name eg D# vs Eb vs Fbb) I have a song with five key changes and editing in the score view is almost impossible with the thousands of accidentals because I can't change the key signature at particular points during the song. If I change the key in the transport it affects the entire song, which makes every other section wrong. Very hard to work in 5 flats in notation when the song thinks it's in C !! Have looked everywhere for details of how to do this but nothing found.
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answered Aug 25, 2020 by lukenyman (2,390 points)
I too have been looking for this function of changing key signature in the middle of the song, and only now realising that it doesn't exist...yet.

It can be as simple (visually) as adding it underneath the "insert time signature..." command, in the menu when you right click in the time ruler at the top.

I too want to print out parts for real players, so this is essential.

I'm lucky as I have Notion to be able to set it up outside of Studio One right now.


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answered Aug 29, 2020 by JosephJFK (750 points)
I agree, very surprising this can't be done.  I want to read the score without crazy markers next to every note, but I don't want to change pitch.

I would further "note" that I was really disappointed to see the focus on Studio One 5 to be things largely extraneous to the core feature set...such as notation.  But at least do it right if you're going to add Notion features instead of developing the core product.
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answered Nov 29, 2020 by simonhinks (150 points)
Yes I agree totally, very disappointing. I just upgraded to S1 5 with the scoring being one of the main reasons for doing so only to find you can’t add a key signature. Pretty basic really and should come as standard. I have Notion but don’t really want to have to export etc. The attraction was to be able to introduce scoring into my writing and recording work flow all in one place. I can’t imagine that it would be too difficult to add this feature and it is pretty basic to scoring so come on guys please can we have this soon it would be most welcome and appreciated!