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Feature request: digital trim on channels for SL S3 rack mixers

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asked Oct 24 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by vellosaaremgi (300 points)
This feature would be great in so many ways, e.g

- controlling the channel signal separately when doubling them for monitor mixing.

- having a control over USB signal feed.

- make up on the EQ.

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answered Oct 24 by wahlerstudios (78,050 points)
Digital trim is a network function, which is not available on a single mixer, because inputs are analog. USB sources are computer sources, mostly tracks or playbacks/streans, so gain settings have to be done on the computer (track/output levels).

When two channels share the same analog input source, there is only "Make Up Gain" available in the compressor, which allows increasing the level of the signal. There is no feature allowing to REDUCE levels. Is there really a need to use two different gains? Wouldn't it be better to add a second rack mixer as dedicated monitor mixer?