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Feature request SL S3 rack mixers: Separate delay on stereo channels.

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asked Oct 24 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by vellosaaremgi (300 points)
Would  be extremely handy, when pairing channels to stereo, you would be able to use the delay on the inputs separately, like it is for gain.

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answered Oct 24 by wahlerstudios (78,050 points)

All four FX sends of the rack mixers and consoles are mono sends. Your request would require stereo sends, which StudioLive mixers of all three series never had... If you want separate delays, you have to use unlinked chanels and send channel 1 to Delay A and channel 2 to Delay B...


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answered Oct 25 by wietsesterckx (3,450 points)
I guess Vellosaaremgi meant the input delays. When using different input delays on 2 linked identical mono signals, you can create a kind of stereo effect. Nice for acoustic guitars etc. But indeed, once linked in stereo, the input delays are also linked. I agree, it would be a nice feature.
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answered Oct 26 by wahlerstudios (78,050 points)

Ok, seems I understood the request wrong. "Delay" can be two different things... ;-)

The request then has to do with the "Stereo Link Options" with choices for several details like "PreAmp Level Trim" and the request is to add link/unlink "Input Delay" to the menue.