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Search option for Sidechain destinations

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asked Nov 1, 2019 in Editing by janhammer (290 points)
Hey everyone,

as already mentioned above i have a little quality of life improvement that everyone should benefit from, that i and at least one of my friends would really like to see.

Which is a search option for sidechain destinations, as it can be a real pain searching for that one Expander,Compressor, EQ, or whatever it is you want to sidechain, if theres about 100-200 other plugins and even more so if theres like 50 of that same type your searching for.

A search option would be a huge time saver as i sometimes find myself spending up to 5 minutes searching for the correct plugin i want to sidechain.

So i´d really appreciate if thats something you could add!

Let me know your thoughts or simply upvote this if you agree! :)

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answered Nov 4, 2019 by Zirrex (9,410 points)

You will have to wait very long...
Here's my 2015 request.

I support you and also want a search box...

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answered Nov 10, 2019 by leonordmann (1,860 points)
Ohh yes that's a great idea.
The new method of sidechaning was a big improvement but that would be a great addition.