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Can't find "Export to Notion" on any of my apps on my new iPhone11

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asked Nov 4, 2019 in Notion iOS by michaelbryant4 (170 points)


I've just setup my new iPhone 11, but on all of my music midi apps that I use ( esp. Suggester, amongst others), I can no longer find the "Export to Notion" option.

All of my other apps appear with the "Copy to..." ( app name), but not Notion

I'm on iOS, the most current software version, so I'm up to date.

Can anyone tell me how to regain the "Export to Notion" option on my various music apps?



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answered Feb 22 by robertdusemund (600 points)
Hi michaelbryant!

You should have the DATA app on the iPhone , there is a Folder „On my iPhone“, into it should be a Folder „Notion“, copy the MIDI into this Folder. Start Notion and you should find it.

best regards Robert Dusemund