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Bass clef notes played by right hand and vice versa

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asked Nov 5, 2019 in Notion Feature Requests by bjoernsoltwedel (150 points)
Use case:

I want to put some notes in the bass clef which are too deep to put in the violin clef (otherwise I had to use too many reference line).
There are 2 needs w.r.t. feature:
(1) An information to explain that the notes has to be played with the right hand,
(2) the notes has to be also distributed to the right hand for calculation (example: The left hand plays a whole note, at the same time the right hand plays 4 quarter notes. This means one 4/4 beat. If the right hand notation in the bass clef does not work, it will be split to 4 beats).

Of course this should work also the other way round.

Thank you for your Support!

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