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please let hidden tracks be unaffected by global solo/mute buttons

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asked Nov 16 in Mixing by bentravis (290 points)
recategorized Nov 18 by bentravis
Hey guys.  Thanks for making such a great product!

I often have an issue when I mute tracks and hide them away.  Basically, when I use the global solo or mute buttons, those muted tracks start playing again even though they're hidden from view.  I would think that anyone who mutes a track and hides it would not want that track to start playing again, but maybe it's just me.  If this isn't a feature that other people want, please consider at least adding an option to make it act this way somewhere in preferences.  Basically, I want hidden tracks not to have any global muting or solo activity to act on them.


Ben Travis

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answered Nov 18 by christianschmid1 (1,080 points)
Yes!!! And record enable too! I recently recorded a ton of files to a few hidden tracks and wondered why my session file size was so huge.
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answered Dec 1 by robertgray3 (27,690 points)
I usually also disable tracks that I hide